She said YES!!! A surprise proposal has always been on my photography bucket list of things to capture, which is why I was THRILLED when Alex's inquiry came my way. I couldn't wait to help him plan the perfect proposal for his girlfriend at the time, Launa. After he landed on doing it at the Missouri Botanical Gardens, we wanted to come up with a great location that was both beautiful and a bit secluded. The Ottoman garden ticked all the boxes.

The plan was for me to be taking pictures of "flowers" in the garden when Alex would walk up and ask if I could take a picture of them on their phone. After that I told them I was actually a photographer and asked if I could take a couple of pictures of them for my website. I gave them a couple of prompts then told them, "Okay, I want you both to stand back to back and when I count to 5 turn around and act like you haven't seen each other in 6 months." I counted while eagerly watching Alex get down on one knee and take the ring out. Launa finally turned around and it was magic from there.

There was immediate JOY when she realized what was happening. It was so much fun to watch them live out this life changing moment. It was seriously such a fun opportunity to be a part of an experience like this. Proposals might be my new favorite type of photography!